Thursday, May 14, 2009

Magento 1.1.6 Released

As each ecommerce application Magento benefits from different updates. So a recent release of Magento 1.1.6 has been warmly accepted by Magento community. No doubt all bugs noticed since the last Magento release have been taken into consideration and fixed. Having explored Magento 1.1.6 you’ll find out the next improvements:

  • Google Checkout table rates work perfectly;
  • While upgrading existing databases you won’t experience SQL error any more;
  • Refreshing products count in categories management page won’t make you any troubles;
  • From now on order status after creating an invoice will be shown in a right way;
  • Translations and locale settings used in PDF print-outs have been fixed as well;
  • Managing product categories has been also made more effective.

Note we’ve listed just several improvements which have been made. Of course there aren’t perfect things but there are great things and Magento belongs to the last ones. In fact Magento has launched a blank theme for building online shops. This theme has a very simple design but it can be useful for those who can’t afford custom made design or purchasing professionally designed Magento themes.


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